newparadigm Summer 2017

 2017newparadigm summer 
Building capacity Through Change - The future of the mental health workforce

The focus for this summer edition of newparadigm is building capacity through change - the future of the mental health workforce.

This edition includes analysis presented by the mental health policy environment of the challenges and opportunities for the community mental health sector; the experiences of the sector with the NDIS; and workforce projects focusing on consumers and carers.

Articles in the current edition of newparadigm include: 

  • Reflecting the changes in community managed mental health by Elizabeth Crowther
  • Challenges and opportunities for community mental health in Australia by Sebastian Rosenberg
  • NDIS and its impact on the psychosocial disability workforce by Elizabeth Crowther
  • Transformation not transition: adjusting to the NDIS in Victoria by Glen Tobias
  • New approaches to the workforce and workplace by Joanna Quilty
  • Developing the workforce: NDIS and the mental health workforce scoping project by Tina Smith
  • Transition, disruption and change: meeting the challenges of the NDIS in Victoria by John Katsourakis
  • Mental health skills and training in 2017 - what you need to know by Andrew Fleming
  • Providing 'reasonable adjustments' in the workplace: a right not a privilege by National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum
  • Engaging with mental health carers: changing workplace practice by Jenny Branton
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