Learn and Build in Barwon

As part of VICSERV’s commitment to building the capacity of mental health organisations around the implementation of the NDIS, VICSERV will be releasing a series of reports that describe the experiences of mental health consumers, carers, workers, and organsiations under full-scheme NDIS. A report for each roll-out region will be released, examining unanswered and ongoing issues and identifying new or localised issues as the Scheme progresses across Victoria.

Learn and Build in Barwon (2015)

In September 2014 the then Department of Health provided an allocation of funds to VICSERV to 'support transition of Barwon area Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) consumer and services to the NDIS through monitoring outcomes'.

Learn and Build in Barwon reflects the experiences of consumers, carers and organisations as it describes the impact of the introduction of the NDIS on the provision of mental health services in the Barwon region up to February 2015. 

A second paper is also available here. This paper provides case studies and attempts to identify and understand the differences in service models and outcomes, by comparing NDIS clients with those receiving MHCSS services in other catchments.

We believe the Learn and Build paper provides valuable insight into the experiences and learnings from the initial stages of the implementation of the NDIS in Barwon. The case studies, while not providing the depth of information initially envisaged for the project, is still a useful companion piece for the Learn and Build Paper.

Learn and Build: Barwon Under Full Scheme (2017)

As a follow-up to the 2015 report, Learn and Build in Barwon 2017 will revisit the experiences of consumers, carers, workers, and organsiations under full-scheme NDIS in Barwon. It will examine the unanswered questions posed in 2015, as well as identifying new issues that have emerged for mental health stakeholders.

This report is due for release mid to late 2017.