2018 Change Leaders Co-Lab (an initiative of PECCC)

Change Leaders Co-Lab (a cross-sectoral leaders program) will bring together Ageing, Disability and Mental Health consumer-citizen and carer advocates, system change proponents and exemplary service providers and workers committed to advancing consumer, citizen and community control and choice. 

A unique opportunity exisits for 20 leading services providers and workers each year (five provider organisations from each of the ageing, disability and mental health sectors and five from generic service providers), and up to 30 citizen-consumers advocates (ten citizen-consumer and carer advocacy leaders from each of the three sectors).

via the Change Leaders Co-Lab, citizen-consumers and carers will:

  • take centre stage in defining real consumer control and choice
  • learn with peers to establish, secure, propagate and promote consumer-citizen leadership so it becomes commonplace throughout the community
  • build connections and relationships with peer consumer-citizens and providers who are making change to improve consumer citizen participation and control
  • become partners with service provider organisations in defining and implementing cultural change within organisations 
  • share and disseminate one another’s successes                    

 via the Change Leaders Co-Lab, service providers and workers will:

  • learn about and share the latest cross-sectoral developments and innovations
  • collaboratively develop a “culture of shared reflective practice and curiosity”
  • better determine what works for people with disability, mental illness and ageing
  • benefit from collaboration with other innovative providers and consumer-citizens
  • support staff, including front line staff, to actively engage consumer-citizen participation and leadership and the innovations that follow
  • become part of a skilled community of practice that normalises consumer-citizen control and choice and generates better policies and practices

The two streams will meet independently and also come together in open dialogue and strategy sessions.

Change Leaders Co-Lab requires a commitment of seven full days over seven months beginning in February 2018 and concluding in August 2018.

Please register if you are:

  • a consumer-citizen or carer with experience in advocacy or an involvement or interest in consumer-led groups, projects, policies, programs or services


  • a service-provider with experience and interest in implementing consumer-citizen control and choice policies, practices and/or consumer-led programs


2018 Change Leaders Co-Lab Information Sessions:

  1.  Tuesday 14 November – Co-Lab information session

  2.  Wednesday 6 December – Co-Lab information session

To be held at Ross House, 247-251 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

2018 Co-Lab session dates will be finalised with participants


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